xLib library

The xLib library is a suite of classes that extend the standard Renoise API.


xBlockLoop Methods for working with the Renoise loop-block.
xColumns Static Methods for working with note/effect-columns .
xCursorPos Describes the position of the edit cursor within the project timeline.
xEffectColumn Use xEffectColumn to create 'virtual' renoise.EffectColumn objects.
xInstrument Static methods for dealing with renoise.Instrument .
xLib Global constants and static methods for xLib, the eXtended Renoise API library .
xLine Represents a single line, including note/effect-columns and automation.
xLineAutomation A representation of automation data within a single line.
xLinePattern This class represents a 'virtual' renoise.PatternLine .
xMessage Abstract message class (the basis for OSC and MIDI messages) .
xMidiCommand Definition of a MIDI command within a pattern .
xMidiInput Asynchroneous interpretation of MIDI messages .
xMidiIO Extend applications with MIDI input/output .
xMidiMessage An extended MIDI message.
xNoteCapture [Static] Capture the note at the current position, or previous if no previous is found, find the next one
xNoteColumn This class is representing a single renoise.NoteColumn in xLib .
xOscClient xOscClient wraps a renoise.Socket with some handy methods .
xOscDevice xOscDevice represents a networked location which is able to send and/or receive OSC messages .
xOscMessage A higher-level OSC message .
xOscPattern This class defines a syntax for matching/extracting/generating OSC messages.
xOscRouter A simple OSC router with caching .
xOscValue A single value within a xOscMessage .
xParameter Abstract device-parameter class, supports relative values (xMidiMessage) .
xPatternPos Static methods for manipulating the position within a renoise.Pattern .
xPatternSequencer Static methods for working with the renoise.PatternSequence .
xPhrase Static methods for dealing with renoise.Phrase objects .
xPhraseManager Static methods for managing phrases, phrase mappings and presets .
xPlayPos Extended play-position which support fractional time (between lines).
xRule This class defines logic rewriting MIDI messages, plus a sandbox environment .
xRules Rewrite MIDI/OSC messages on-the-fly using generated code


xRules works by applying "rules" to the input, using specific conditions as triggers.

xRuleset This is a supporting class for xRules .
xSample Static methods for working with renoise.Sample objects .
xSampleDeviceChain TODO Manage device-chains more easily .
xSampleMapping Static methods for working with renoise sample mappings .
xScale Methods for working with notes & harmonic scales .
xSelection Static methods for working with pattern/phrase/matrix/sequence-selections .
xSongPos Static methods for working with renoise.SongPos (or alike).

choose a mute mode NONE = do nothing except to output 'nothing'

note: when combined with 'clear', this makes it possible to
record into a track, using the mute button as a 'output switch'

OFF = insert OFF across columns, then nothing

TODO when 'clear_undefined' is true, OFF is only written when
there is not an existing note at that position
xStreamPos This class can track playback progression in a song.
xTrack Static Methods for working with renoise.Tracks objects .
xTransport Extended control of the Renoise transport .
xValue Abstract 'value' class.
xVoiceManager This class keeps track of active, playing voices as they are triggered.
xVoiceRunner This class converts pattern-tracks into 'voice-runs' - small note sequences .
xVoiceSorter Advanced sorting of pattern-data (including selections) .
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